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Mytilini Island, Greece

October, 18 – 25th 

Family happiness, trust in partnership, creative realization and business success are conditions that can’t be found in the outside world. When love and respect become a habitual attitude toward yourself, you gain inner integrity.


Experiencing it in yourself, you get rid of everything that separates you from people and from your own abilities and talents.

This training is for everyone who seeks inner integrity and is ready to share all the best with the world.

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I’m happy to greet you on this page, my friends. This site is for those who love conscious journeys and practices of self-discovery!

My name is Milana. 

I am the author and presenter of projects that combine exciting journeys around the world

with personal and

spiritual improvement.

The goals of our travel trainings are simple and desirable for many people:

To live a worthy and light life in harmony with oneself and the world.

To find family happiness. Not to be afraid to love, be sincere, self-sufficient and generous. To change the life. To make it interesting, full of vivid impressions, sensations, knowledge.

And we succeed!


Seminars of personal

and spiritual development


Thematic trainings and

seminars to create harmonious family relations and business partnership


Practical classes of inner liberation for women

Before I developed my formula for the most productive group work, I conducted more than two hundred different seminars and trainings. The most profound and effective were those that combine the meditative practices of self-discovery, comfortable physical activity, cognitive traveling and leisure in a relaxing and friendly environment.

How to create a trusted atmosphere

in a group of strangers?

This is the secrets of mastery :)

Past trainings


Ukrainian Podillia has a unique atmosphere of marvelous beauty. And our July training was amazing, unpredictable, friendly, comfortable and cheerful.

Men and women set off for a conscious journey through Podillia, who felt the courage to get acquainted with the shady sides of their personality, accept them with understanding and transform into positive creative qualities.

Trust and dignity were the main topics of our training.

The following places helped us to discover in yourself more than what you can touch and see with our eyes: the ancient Kamenetz-Podolsky, the majestic Dniester, the tract of Bakota, Chervonograd, Krivche, Skala Podolska.

And also we were supported by the spirit of male rivalry and brotherhood, women's wisdom and cordiality of all participants in the training.


This training in Georgia was created for everyone who wanted to combine pleasant rest and traveling with self-improvement practices and studying the laws of modern times.


Hospitable and fabulously beautiful Georgia helped us to feel really free, light and confident. These 8 days have revolutionized our minds and worldviews in the notions of happiness, family, our abilities and desires. The amazing nature and powerful energy of this land gave us unforgettable impressions and new knowledge about ourselves and the world.

Learn more about the training and read the reviews.


I intended this women's training to be a relaxation trip for deep renewal, disclosure of creative potential, natural sensual femininity and intuitivism.

Soft, cheerful energy of the island of Sri Lanka presented us with unforgettable rest and a lot of knowledge about the miraculous power of the female nature, about the states of unconditional faith and love that are able to transform reality. As it turned out, being a fairy is not difficult! :)


Learn more about the training and read the reviews.

Life is so beautiful, but it’s short. Do not waste it on expectations and doubts. Go on a trip to your unknown self.

Give to the world the best that is inside you!

See you soon!

From Milana with love :)

Reviews about past trainings

Anna Kozmina


After returning home, much has changed in me, and everyone notices this. I became more calm, harmonious, began to understand people and situations more deeply, to feel something that I couldn’t feel before, my relations with my husband and children improved. And in general, relations in the family have become more cordial, even between children. Life became better financially, I changed the format of the work and now I enjoy life, get what I need and don’t bother myself with lots of work. In fact, there is change for the better in everything, but the internal state, family and finances are the most tangible.

I am very grateful to Milana, our Master, who was very attentive and loving to each of us. And thanks to each participant of the training, because we were like one family, supported and helped each other.

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