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Women's Training

in Sri Lanka

5-11 February 2018

Sri Lanka. It’s the best place to forget about everything. Relax your soul and body. Learn to understand yourself.

The character of this paradise island washed by the Indian Ocean is kind-hearted and cheerful.

Before choosing the location for the training, I studied the map of the world for several weeks. I felt the energy of different countries, continents, islands. I plunged into meditation and "scanned" what place on the Earth possesses the necessary energy qualities that will help me to realize what I have planned.


What did I ask the Universe for myself and the participants in the women's training?

Sincere love to ourselves. Unconditional trust in the world and in men. Disclosure of natural femininity. Awareness of our abilities and talents. Wisdom and cordiality. Healing from

selfishness and fears.

Sri Lanka called me. I obeyed the inner impulse and conducted an incredibly beautiful training.

Despite the seeming simplicity and ease of practice, a deep transformation work took place at the level of consciousness and subconsciousness of each participant.

What result did we get?

An ocean of bright tropical impressions.
And remarkable changes in our personal lives.

I know that updates in all areas for girls will continue for a long time. But the first rays of happy changes inspire me and make me brave. So, I'm on the right track.

Time separates us from the February holidays in Sri Lanka. And every week I continue to receive gratitude and news from the girls.

— I stopped hating my body. I do not deny myself anymore and I love it. I started doing things I had long been dreaming about. And a miracle happened! I began to like men. There appeared to be so many men next to me! Everyone does something for me, helps with something.

I am grateful to everyone. Now I see how self-love and honesty work in relationships.

— I realized that my husband is my best friend. I used to be afraid to leave children with him. In many ways I didn’t trust him. This trip to Sri Lanka changed everything. By my fears and pretensions I didn’t allow him to be himself. He is the best father and husband in the world!

— My husband was raised quite unexpectedly. He thinks so. But I feel that this is my belief in him that helped move the situation from a dead end. Faith is a great power, I didn’t know anything about it before.

— I'm happy at last. I really felt that my family — husband, children, parents — is one.

— I do not understand how it works. But I'm completely different. I stopped fighting with myself. I stopped being afraid of loneliness, attract the attention of a man at all costs. I’m free! This is a fabulous state. It turns out that you can just love and be loved. Of course, I still can’t always keep in a positive mood. But I already know how to return to it.

— The training in Sri Lanka changed all my habits. I didn’t know before how not to scream, not to fall into tantrums and resentment. I don’t know what kind of miracle is happening to me, but I'm much calmer now. My salary rose. Relationships in the family became warmer and more sincere. Every day there is some kind of magic in my life. I can write a book about this.

The list of miracles is updated daily with new ones. It’s impossible to describe everything.

I thank Sri Lanka, its inhabitants and the Universe for their help and generosity.

In my heart there’s an ocean of love and gratitude to all the girls who shared with me the joy of discovery in understanding what it means to be a Woman!


Training reviews

Anna Kozmina

When I was going to fly to Milana's seminar in Sri Lanka, she warned me that the training would be very deep and transformative, but I didn't even know that it

could be so!!!

As soon as I made the decision to go, at first everything went very smoothly, money began to come from somewhere, new customers appeared, and everything seemed to be easy, but... As soon as I bought the tickets, changes began. Some fears, complaints, grievances, problems, anger and a lot of bad things just started to rise all of a sudden. I started to work with this, and it turned out that this is what prevents me from accepting the changes that await me in Sri Lanka.

I felt very bad morally, and physically, and a few days before the flight I just had a temperature of 390 and I could do nothing with it. Medicines didn't help. I'm grateful to Milana and Lyuda, that these few days they worked with me and supported me. Milana told me that as soon as I get on the plane, it will be easier for me, very soon I'll feel good and I will fly home quite a different person. And I felt so bad, scary and it really seemed that's the end, I would die of an unknown disease in the middle of nowhere. But I really wanted to believe this person, I felt her calmness and confidence. 

And it happened so! As soon as I boarded the plane, it became easier and easier for me, and as we flew to Sri Lanka, I was already as good as new)))

And then we had 7 wonderful days on a paradise island, in the loving and affectionate energy of this magnificent and incredibly beautiful nature. I learned to feel this energy, the playfulness and tenderness of the ocean waves, the pacification and silence of the Buddhist pagoda that we visited, the triumph of the sunrise, and the extraordinary depth of the feeling of unity with Mother Earth — loving, infinitely wise and patient, and stunningly beautiful. It is very difficult to convey all the feelings that I experienced there. We did not make any complicated practices, it seemed to be nothing special, but during a whole month after returning home, energy continued to flow, changing me and my reality around.
As Milana said before the trip, I returned quite a different person. I was no longer tormented by my fears and eternal concerns about everything in the world. I have improved my relationship with my husband and with my mom and sister. My children became calmer, and I am working on our well-being now. I started to believe in myself and to understand that I can do much. My husband and I grew our income, people began to turn to me for advice, sometimes even just strangers on the street.

And yet, what was extraordinarily important to me was that I had a feeling of connection with my Higher Self, a spiritual home, heavenly support, no matter how you call it. It feels like they are looking at me, smiling and showing the way, and sometimes they make fun of me)) This is an incredible feeling when you don’t plan anything, but you completely rely upon God and live, rejoicing and accepting every day as a gift. Thank you, my beloved teachers and mentors, that you're leading me! I love you very much!

Irina Buryachok

When our master Milana announced the training in Sri Lanka, I knew for sure that I would fly there.

Preparation began with the Internet :)

What should I take? What should I see? What places should I visit? What to buy? Snorkeling?

And then Milana says:

- Swim with a mask? Not this time. A turtle farm? No, we don’t need it now.

I had a storm of emotions and protests inside me: How can it be so? To be in Sri Lanka and see nothing? What kind of work is it? What is it all about?

And what has come of it? :)

I saw a lot of amazing places, not just looked, but felt, at the right time, in the right place. There was the old fort of Halle at sunset of the day, its architectural sights. The beautiful, mighty ocean.

There were four absolutely different beaches, in nature and rhythm of life.

I saw a beautiful Buddhist temple where you could sit in meditation and feel incredible sensations. We could see a magical sunset from the top of the Pagoda.

There was an Ayurvedic garden store, where local creams, lotions and other natural oils are made.

We had an excursion to the local jungle, which belongs to our host — the owner of the villa, who was lovingly telling us about

each plant.

And many different animals, including turtles :)

There was a magical dawn on the beach, which will remain in my heart forever! With its morning coolness and gentleness, warm waves of the ocean. The rising sun was like a flame on the crest of the wave.

I can write about it endlessly... The most important thing is that I managed to take with myself is a belief! Belief in myself, faith in other people. Internal integrity. Peace and the desire to create.

I managed to see that the human attitude is magic! Nothing, neither status, nor strength or mind can open the heart. Only love and gratitude can work miracles!

These are just my first steps on my way to myself, but I want to go further. Thanks to Milana and all the girls for such an incredible job!

With gratitude, Iruska!

Tanechka Rubtsova

When I arrived to the training, I absolutely didn’t expect anything. I always try not to wait for anything impressive, so as not to be disappointed.

Some time before the trip I felt a powerful inner work. Karmic grievances and feelings came out. However, I was warned about this and I understood that something would happen. :)

I participated in different trainings.

My opinion was that it’s necessary to work hard at the training to do some working through or something else that could help me change myself. But in Sri Lanka everything was absolutely the other way round :)

In complete relaxation, peace and harmony, incredibly powerful changes have taken place! I was really shocked!

How can that be?!

There was a flood of emotions in silence, in nature, in the women's circle. Relaxation, immersion and complete acceptance.

It's such an excellent state of soul — during the training and after. )))

All the information I got from Milana as well as from all the people I met at the training is a huge treasure :)

And with this knowledge, in that very state of inner harmony, I remain most of the time now. It’s so good in my soul :)

It’s not always easy to look at myself from the outside, not to worry over trifles, but it's very cool that now I see when it happens :)

Thank you a million for everything, Milana!)) And thanks to all the beautiful girls that I've met :)

Tatyana Rubtsova

I'm not a master of writing reviews :), but this training was so deep in the heart, soul, inside that I wanted to plunge into that time once again. It was only a week — but by feeling, completeness, emotions, positive feelings, you can compare it with a mini-life. I know that everything in our life is not accidental, and it was not by chance that I was at this time in this place and with these participants of the training.


There were lots of topics raised by the women: relationships, eternal themes of love, faith, happiness. And I heard so many different answers! But I understood that all this was about me. We are the one and everyone, by solving his or her task, helps to find a way to a solution for those who are close. Thanks to Milana and the girls from the group, I was always in a relaxed state. I could feel and I wasn’t afraid to open my heart. I felt full trust, understanding and attentive attitude towards each other.

This doesn’t often happen in life, when we see people for the first time and are able to feel full comfort. But this is not accidental as well. Before the trip, I communicated with Milana, understood that this is what I need (the constellation sessions with Milana helped me a lot before the trip started long before the departure and it helped a lot to benefit more from this week's trip). And so did the other participants of the group. And I understand how important it is for such a training, that everyone will sound on his note and join the general melody of the group. The time of the trip was elaborately chosen by our organizer, presenter and conductor to the

inner world — Milana.

It is difficult for me to call this week ‘a training’ in the sense that is usually put into this concept. The trainings that I joined were usually accompanied by stress, sufferings, adaptation to the group and the rhythm of the coach. But this week turned my idea of training. Everything was in the state of relaxation, calmness. We had time to feel everything that surrounded us, to enjoy nature, communication. Classes took place in the form of conversations, plunging deep into ourselves, our thoughts and feelings.

I remember the lessons on the rugs near the pool and the rice field to the sound of birds, the light breeze and the caressing sun, the extraordinary energy of this place — for me it was immersion in that primeval natural state of harmony and happiness, love that fills everything inside and comes from the heart of the earth, trees, everything around. I felt after a week spent in Sri Lanka, as if husks, dead particles of past layers, were removed, freedom and light filled the soul and spirit.

And before I went, I looked at the weather forecast for the week in Halle. According to all weather forecasts, it was going to rain all week! I took the umbrella and left the cap at home — I didn’t need it in the rain. And there was no rain while we were there during the day. For me it was a miracle :) And on the following days rain was also predicted! Only in the evening, when we returned from the ocean, enjoying swimming and the sun, there was a little warm rain. But it was really pleasing, because we got into the pool and enjoyed swimming in the rain. The swimming pool was with illumination, under the boundless starry sky. Beauty and romance!

I was struck by the absence of fences in the territory. The view is really beautiful, amazing landscape, cleanliness, beautiful nature. Everything in the villa is thought though well by the owners, so that no one can disturb anyone. And trips to the ocean! They were unforgettable!!! We went to different beaches and each of them stayed in memory with something special. The beach in the jungle was quiet, with gentle water, a beautiful Buddhist temple on the mountain, which can be seen from the beach and it seems to be hanging in the air, white in white clouds. Surfing beach :), games with waves, fun as in childhood. There was also a beach with gentle caressing ocean at the sunset and sounds of the sitar. It was magical!!!

I want to say a few words about the special place where we lived, which was created by an extraordinary family. They are educated, versatile, spiritual, wise, treat to the place where they live with love and understanding. They are attentive and caring to each other and to those who come to them on vacation. And the spiritual core of this family is the woman – the host’s mother Violetta (she is 77 years old). She is a former dentist, a teacher's wife, practising Buddhism, a wise, balanced, feminine, interesting companion, kind and caring. During several conversations with us, she could give us wise and useful advice to us, women, on how to be happy in life, in families, in couples.

What did this training give me personally? A new and unusual, unforgettable experience. I got wonderful rest and pleasure from work on myself, in an incredibly beautiful place. For a week I was in the state of complete belief in myself, the place where we were and those people who were nearby. This is a state of absolute inner freedom, without fears, in the state of love and inner joy. In my life, there is less fuss or more often there’s no fuss at all. I now have enough time for everything and everything is as it should be. It‘s life in the stream of joy, feeling myself, people, nature. I learned to listen and hear myself, my desires, my female nature. The trip brought me back to me. I discovered myself anew. This was acquaintance with myself, with my femininity, with my body, understanding, feeling and working out the reasons for the problems that have arisen in my life. I understand now how I can work on myself and my tasks. It can be without forcing myself doing something, very naturally, joyfully and beautifully! And all this thanks to Milana — a beautiful Woman, the organizer, the experienced Master and really good at what she does.

Being in her energy field, I forget about the problems, and if they appear, I can always count on support and attention of Milana. She gave all the "tools" that help now to see and act correctly in different situations on time. This trip remained in my soul, in my feelings. This training is like a new step to myself, like a ray, which highlighted what I need to leave and what I need to take further for happiness.

Lyudmila Kulbako


It is the brightest and the most unexpected training in my life.

There were juicy coconuts, warm sun, playful ocean and good-natured hosts of the villa. We had a merry company of girls and caring Master Milana.

Everything helped and contributed to complete relaxation. And of course, the pleasant process of recognizing and revealing myself. The one with whom I dreamed to meet the last few years — an easy, open, free and just happy woman.

During my stay in Sri Lanka and a few weeks before the flight, everything inside me created "a complete riot on the ship and a storm in the sea" :) Millions of different emotions were raised, starting from jealousy, envy, fear and disappointment to uncontrollable anger, aggression and hatred of myself and others. Sometimes it seemed there would be no end to it.

But female magic works miracles.

The affectionate and cheerful energy of the country and the nature of Sri Lanka were felt by every cell of my body. The incredible energy of this land made it possible to heal, barely touching it with a glance and plunging into the strong male embrace of the Indian Ocean.

I adored the beautiful group of girls, each of whom came to Sri Lanka for their happiness, for their dream. They are women who want inner harmony, peace and love in their lives. Girls, you were beautiful! Thank you for supporting mentally, in word and just with your smile :).

I thank my beloved Master Milana for incredible patience and wise care. She managed to survive all the influx of my emotions that I felt on the island. Only a truly loving and caring person could do this. Your sincerity, wisdom, understanding and faith in each of us have created a real miracle and mysticism.

And this is a miracle — I’m quite another person...

It is now difficult for me to describe what I became. But I can say with confidence that now I feel free and easy. I stopped evaluating and judging myself and others. I accept everything (well, almost everything :). And I accepted what I previously cynically criticized and blamed. Anxiety and inner haste began to leave me. I'm not interested and it's already difficult to hurry somewhere or worry about something. I more and more often feel incredible gratitude and love in me, just for no reason. And it's all really great.

Thank you Sri Lanka ... and I love you infinitely, my dear Milana! :)

Tatyana Smolanova

For the first time in my life I’m writing a review, but maybe just my part of history, BUT! sincerely and from my SOUL.

Most likely, I will be writing for a few days, but I will definitely write "MY WAY and THOUGHTS on a trip with Milana to Sri Lanka"!!!

So, this is how it all began: I read in FB before the New Year that a VERY IMPORTANT person for me (you should understand that during the years of my acquaintance and working with Milana, the level of confidence to this woman is ‘I BELIEVE her like a Goddess)’, Milana is going to go with the group for some :) training in Sri Lanka. And that's how I read the first release about the training of Milana Predrihovskaya in Sri Lanka :)

Here I am, to put it mildly, a strange Element of the target group of similar events :) Then everything was more interesting :) I was "turned on" in 5-6 days and transferred to the position "I WANT, BUT I'm not sure and I DO NOT KNOW: Do I really have to go? Is it the right time? Can I afford it? Will children, family, work let me go...? ...... "


From my current feeling, awareness and state, of course, I can say for sure that all these were LAST BREAKS, at the very least, of a "whole brigade" of my inner far-fetched fears, that wanted to "work a little more with me, knowing that they will exactly soon be fired, OR, to say more correctly, they will soon be seen-loved-transformed :) "

BUT!!! I thank all great heavens, events, people, that I have Lyudmila :). We worked together, I created the intention, AND, HERE WE ARE!! The decision is ACCEPTED, I’m GOING TO Sri Lanka, even if there are no tickets for the flight with the girls, since for ALL OTHER MATTERS there was a SINGLE RESPONSE: "GO!!! We let you go, of course! " 
So!! We (8 girls, including 3 friends I know: Milana, Lyudmila and Elena the Beautiful) are in Boryspil, after 6 hours in Doha (Qatar), and further WE are in Galle (Sri Lanka). 

From the moment of the decision (13/01/18) to "I'm in Halle" (06/02/18) - 24 days :)

I will describe briefly a few of the obstacles that MY MIND created:

Financing for this trip wasn’t in time, as it seemed to my GREAT BRAIN, so I pretty much punched my brain to my family, and most of all to MY FAVORITE BROTHER, so now I sincerely ASK HIM To FORGIVE ME:) Because everything was going on IN TIME :)

I also want to voice blessings in the way:
My mom: «God gracious! Godspeed!! Would to God that you could travel a lot!!»
My brother: «YES!! Do you REALLY go!! We’ll cope with everything, just say where are you going?»  

My sister was one of the first to support and she was "self-appointed" to be the controller of my two teenage children in my absence. Exactly, at that time, she didn’t really understand what she was taking on herself, but she bravely held positions and began reformatting and delegation of obligations already right before my leaving, but independently negotiating with my mother, father and children.

Kids: ‘YEAH, cool, mom! Everything’s gonna be ok, don’t worry about us’.

Friends in the same breath: "COOOOOL!!! Come on!!! Go!! RELAX AND TURN OFF YOUR BRAIN!!"

Alyona Smaglyuk: "Hallelujah!! Go!!! But only, please, NO heavy PRACTICES and WORKS!! Just be lazy and lay in the sun!"

This is to the fact that everyone feels everything and from their channels they broadcast what is GOOD FOR US! The main thing is to HEAR close PEOPLE!!!!

The first assignment from Milana was: WE’re going to PRACTICE LAZINESS, QUIETNESS AND FEELING OURSELVES.

My God, as it turned out IT WAS DIFFICULT! BUT!! I DID IT :)

I will not write in detail about the inmost, worked and open (there is something to work with :), and I already know how) in this wonderful place under the close control and leadership of Milana, "not to splash it". BUT!!! Dear friends, THIS WAS THE MEGA GREAT WEEK!!!

Milana, My Dear Angel, THANK YOU for the INCREDIBLE GROUP, perfectly aligned, for the thoughtfulness of every moment of this journey up to the vegan REALLY TASTY menu (even without eggs :)), for the support and quick response and help 24/7 both in Sri Lanka, and on our return :), for individual work on every problem that arose, for super practices and new experience, for my lightness, for total accepting of people with all our "hiccups" and "questions," for patience, FOR FAITH AND LOVE! !!

I relaxed in Sri Lanka a lot and got a SUPER RESULT already, and then I will WAIT for results :)!! YES!! Relax, calmness and sometimes silence are good for everyone and for me, and they CAN MAKE GREAT RESULTS!! The main thing is TO FEEL MYSELF, TO SEE MY INTERNAL RESOURCE, ACCEPT ALL AND MY BAGGAGE AND LOVE IT!!





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