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Transformational training journey "Feedback"

December, 14th-18th 2018

When the year ends, our inner child awakens in anticipation of a miracle. All of us — adults and children — are waiting for it. But some tireless people start to go on their own to meet the magic.

A group of like-minded people, who gathered in the winter training tour, did not just step into a miracle, but, one might say, rushed into it with the whistle of a high-speed train :)))

For what? In order to bring everything in order before the New Year, to correct the erroneous, to end the annoying and painful things in our lives.

Our Odessa training was fabulous in the literal sense of the word, because it allowed all the participants of the training, literally, to live several lives in 4 days.

Wonderful places helped us in this transformational sacrament. Belgorod-Dniestrovsky, the Black Sea, Odessa and the Pankeevs' manor, amazing in its beauty and energy intensity, in the village of Vasilyevka. If you are sensitive enough, then I advise you, friends, to visit this half-destroyed estate one day in order to plunge into the amazing energy that fills the earth and aura of this place. What you take to your heart from that place is priceless.

What did the training give us?

Everyone received their gift from life. Some people happily shared their newfound state in the reviews (read below). Some people are still getting acquainted with the changes in themselves. Somebody got a long-awaited inner silence in the arms of wordlessness and peace due to the training. And someone is just too lazy to write :)

Odessa training was easy and difficult at the same time.

We healed destructive emotions and habits. We tore temporal beliefs. We discovered ourselves again. We went beyond bans and contrived fears. We left cozy, but hateful zones of internal comfort.

We discovered the laws of a happy family life, unconditional love and friendship.

We let a new life inside, breathing it in like fresh sea air.

Thank you, guys, for the excellent teamwork! For your kindheartedness, generosity and openness.

I thank from the heart everyone who helped us in organizing this project!

Till new wonders, beloved friends!

Training reviews

Lora Mitina

The training was my first one, so the impressions are very different and very strong.

As always, everything was accidental and unplanned. I have little experience in such events, and I was a bit skeptical about this, but from the category — always say yes, I agreed.

I can say one thing — it was my one of the most successful decisions.

I came back home as a completely new person.


Not only did I see the changes, but also my colleagues and close people.

I accept many things completely different and I kick up a pother to my friends how wonderful it was to agree on such an experiment at the age of forty.


It all starts with you and if you do not love yourself, the world around will not love you. It would seem a simple truth and so complex for me.


What a global discovery for me is LOVE. Love in all its manifestations: to myself, people, Universe, events... this is possible and sometimes even easy))))))

What do I want after this training? I want more and more, to understand myself and make myself and the world around happier and happier. Yes, there is a great personal work behind it, the work of the group, Master — and what is the most valuable, even if it goes sometimes through pain, severe physical and mental pain, uncomfortable states, but it eventually gives such excellent results.

Sincere and heartfelt Gratitude to all!

Ready for new challenges, Lora.

Tanya Norenko

Transformational training is another step towards you, deep into your own. New perceptions, knowledge, impressions, revelations and liberation...


Again it was difficult, painful, I wanted to run away and hide like a child, there were tears, but there were hundreds of times more laughter, warmth, friendly participation! For me, it was a very powerful training, with deep personality studies that gave me the opportunity to interact with the world in a new way. This is a conscious understanding of the significance of everything that is happening to you at this stage, and the ability to look at life, people, not only with your eyes, but with your heart as well.

During these few days, I lived a lifetime, in which there was pure love and farewell filled with heartfelt gratitude. This experience helped me to look at people and their relationships in a different way, and most importantly, I realized how important it is to respect the choice of each person and their soul.


One of the amazing revelations for me was that I felt the true value of a family in which love, tenderness, trust, warmth, gratitude, sincerity live... and not only the hearts of family members, but the space around them is filled with this purity. This source of heat and light remains forever, LOVE — in its pure form, which heals, liberates, inspires and fills you if you come with an open heart.


Milana, our wise master, guide, teacher, friend, I never get tired of thanking my Guardian Angels for the fact that once they brought me to you! What you do is priceless! Deep and sincere gratitude to you for your work. The changes that I see in myself and in the guys are amazing! And a special thank you, for the help and support after the training, you really helped me! Thank you all for this wonderful training, for your understanding, friendly participation and responsiveness! Life itself would not be enough for me to see the problem, get it and heal it, and thanks to you and Milana I had only a few sessions and I am getting better!


Thank you!!! See you again!

Natasha Buchatskaya

Training in Odessa, for me, is a gap between the patterns and attitudes that I acquired throughout my life. The realization has come that our life is a matrix, where everyone creates for himself an illusory world and lives in it. It is very difficult to realize that those attitudes that I live on are only my own illusions and they are peculiar only to me, they are alien to other people. In order to get rid of them, you need to ruin stereotypes. Odessa training taught us that. For me, the support of a team of like-minded people is very valuable and I still feel the energy of the training. After all, only with the help of the team you can look at yourself differently.


Thanks to Milana for helping everyone find themselves for themselves.

Katya Maslova

For the first time in my life, I decided to go to this kind of training with complete strangers, although I confess I wanted to go to one of Milana's training for a long time. It was difficult to open up and trust the group, especially since you are mentally in another place. There was no limit to my surprise: how it's possible to love people so much, how can you laugh so much, just as you can be so open and cordial, how can you hug, just because you want to. Time passed in a different way, and the group became a family for me, a whole little life passed by. It was breaking the mould, habits, norms and rules of behavior imposed by society. “Is it possible?” — everything inside me was really surprised.

I returned home happy, filled and rested, charged with positive feelings and desire to create, understanding the fact that the main thing is inside, not outside. It doesn’t matter if the storm is on the sea or the city is covered with a crazy icy wind, only the inner light matters. Only outerwear in travel photographs reminds of winter, because there was a real spring in the soul.

Looking back to the experienced month (it was the experienced, not the past), I can safely say that after the training the stiffness and tightness left. Relations with relatives and friends, just people are more open and kind, easier and free. Time is not just passing by in its usual course, it is filled with meaning, taste, events and colors. The attitude to the world, to myself is changing, and I'm changing as well.

Thank you, Milana, for your inspiration, patience and ideas!!!

I'm looking forward to new adventures!

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