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Conscious journey

 «Touch without touching»

July, 16th – 21st 2018

Ukrainian Podillia is beautiful at any time of the year. But only in July you will be charmed by the beauty of the local places with the splendor of nature, combining all the palette of juicy colors and head-spinning aromas. Podilski tovtry, canyons, ancient cities, fortresses, castles, monasteries and churches are particularly spectacular and energy-intensive in summer.

The spirit of Tripolie culture protects these places from barbarism. And the wisdom of the ancient traditions of all peoples living in this territory at different times is stored in this land as the inheritance. It is passed on to everyone who is willing to accept it with their heart.

I love my country with my every cell! It is beautiful, patient and kind in a feminine way. It is strong, proud and generous in a masculine way.

In July this year, my native land inspired me to a new transformation training trip.

It was new and unpredictable for me in many ways.

When I was thinking through this project, I couldn’t imagine that life was preparing a pleasant surprise for me.

A large part of the training participants consisted of representatives of the stronger and courageous sex.


It was an interesting experience.

I admit, not everything was easy, but we did it. We have a lot to be proud of!

I am grateful to all participants of the training for the delightful celebration of life that we have created for ourselves during these six summer days.

I’m grateful for the fact that you, friends, kindly supported each other in difficult moments. You could sincerely laugh at your own fears and complexes of imperfection. You fooled around like children, joked, cried, and were sometimes angry. You were open and honest with yourselves and with the team.

Thank you, dear men, that you supported and believed in me, even when the resistance within you didn’t leave a chance for a rational choice and you wanted to quit everything!

Thank you, my beloved girls, for your sincerity and patience!


What did the training in Podillia give us?

Belief in ourselves and cordiality towards people.

Knowledge of the transformational power of male and female energy united by common interests and aimed at a single goal.

We have learned to trust our intuition, feelings and inner sensations without a doubt.

We received and began to apply knowledge in everyday life, how to manage our anger, greed, guilt and fears.

Family happiness has ceased to be a myth for some of us. It turned into real life events.

And trust and dignity slowly but surely conquer new territories of our living space. And this process is endless.

Travel around Ukraine! It is a mysterious and loving place :)))

What this training has become for each of the participants, you will learn from their feedback.


Training reviews

Tatyana Norenko

It all started not just simply... Doubts, excitement, protests in my head were changing each other's pace and all were the right ones: ‘How? Again? What training? Everything hasn’t settled since last time yet. And where are you going to get the money? You were going to save! Who will let you off work during the summer time?’ And the inner voice answered in a quiet but confident tone: ‘I don’t know how, but you need to be there necessarily, it's important for you, it's time to learn to think about yourself.’

The inner voice is the most faithful friend in the knowledge of me. The decision was made, the request for space was sent, I was sitting, waiting and watching. In fact, there were no obstacles at all and at work during this period no one was going on vacation, and my friend paid me back the old debt, and I got the tickets without any fuss.

Hooray, here I come! And then a new turmoil — half of the group are MEN! And again a swarm of questions rang out in my head — HELP!

During the first two days it was difficult for me to interact with the male energy, but I saw my multi-level fear of male nature. It is impossible to describe the state when you understand how fear destroys individuality and limits the perception of life, people, myself. However, it’s impossible to describe the state when I managed to get rid of this heavy and useless burden.                                                        

Of course, I wouldn’t have done it without the help of a wise Master! Milana, you are beyond praise! We all had different requests, wishes, programs, and you carefully conducted each of us through the labyrinths of internal houses, illuminating the dark corners in them. And through acceptance and love you helped to give freedom to my soul from fears, complexes, blocks imposed by society, generic or karmic debts. You found the approach to each person so finely, picked the right words, carefully selected tasks for us, walks, trips to the most beautiful and energy-intensive places. And the venue for the training was so correctly chosen! Thank you for the opportunity to admire our beautiful country, its vastnesses and historical heritage. I'm in love with Kamenets-Podolsky and its surroundings! I admire you, Milana, and sincerely thank you!                   

What did this training give me? I can’t fully answer this question, I feel that the work in me is still going on, but I know for sure that the state in which I am now is priceless. It qualitatively changes my life and I see these changes on a daily basis. It's nice to be in harmony with myself and the surrounding world, and it's even more pleasant to see how the world around responds with the same.

We had a great team! Despite the fact that each of us underwent difficult internal work, there were many jokes and laughter! With a smile and warmth I remember all of you, every person in our team poured wonderful colors into the picture of my world. Thanks to you my life became brighter and more beautiful. I love you very much and hug you!

Vasyl Kozmin

I want to express my deep gratitude to Milana for this training. I happened to visit and participate in many trainings, seminars and other events before. I want to say that this review is written after a month after the training. And now I can say for sure that this event really changed me. Therefore, this training can really be called transformational.

Usually, any event gives psychological pumping, or a short-term feeling of getting something new. And literally in a week or two, everything returns to its previous place. I feel like this is because learning takes place at the level of the mind. The personality remains the same — just got new knowledge, sensations and emotions. This is enough for a couple of weeks.

At Milana’s training, however, there is no lecture material as such. New knowledge is not given. The work goes through the feeling of the new. I'm learning to let this knowledge pass through my sensations and the feelings that come with it. If the somebody feels "uncomfortable" — the whole group works with this and with the help of the leader we find out the true cause of "uncomfortability". Sometimes it becomes even more "uncomfortable" at first. But in the process of work these feelings are worked out and in the future knowledge is really acquired and successfully used.

I want to add that now I have learned to feel better. For me it was a discovery that you can feel people and perceive the reasons for their behavior. Thanks to this, I have an increased understanding in communication. I continue to practice in these new and emerging abilities!!!

Gennadiy Prudkiy

We all dream of happiness, sometimes theoretically. Sometimes we really do something important from our point of view. We like to talk about it and especially estimate the level of someone else's happiness.

But what if we just make ourselves happy and gain our potential to make those happy, who are around us? And what if it can take not half a lifetime, but just a month? Have you ever tried to do this? Me either. I didn’t try, but it happened itself.

It is clear that “it happened itself” sounds unreal. Such things never happen. There is an absolutely clear algorithm, consisting of stages and steps. Maybe it's different for everyone. It’s most likely that for each person the complexity of each of the steps will be different. As for me, I stayed at some of the steps for a long time. But I passed. And looking back, assessing the distance traveled, realizing the amount of changes that have occurred in me, I can’t believe that just a month has passed. As if it was not with me, as if in reality everything happened “itself” because my vast experience in life couldn’t do anything like this for a much longer period.

The steps were different. Some were frightening with their complexity and lack of understanding of how to overcome them. And it was at this moment that some internal opportunities, unknown before, were opened. And the step turned out to be behind. At the same time, no one was pushing me from below, and no one was pulling from above. I overcame them myself, gaining my own experience of overcoming obstacles of this kind.

This is the value of the training. Not only in the aggregate of information from more experienced participants, but in gaining skills. And these skills together with goodwill from the people who were completely unfamiliar only yesterday, incorporated into the life experience so easily that they were naturally in demand literally the next day.

And after the training the usual everyday life was to begin. But it didn’t start, because everyday life before the training was of a completely different person. And it was so unexpected that I didn’t immediately understand. At first, almost automatically, I began to see in myself something that I hadn’t noticed before. Then I started to see this in others. Understanding myself and other people grew brighter and larger every day. A little later, fragments of this new began to take shape in funny pictures. After this I realized the causal relationship between the way of my life and my place in this life.

And then the main thing came — the realization that most of the obstacles to my happiness were created by me. They need to be cleaned methodically. And this is absolutely real, for I have created this rubbish myself. And I need to clean up after myself. The main thing is that now I understand what needs to be done. Clearly, it will take some time, but I’m happy that I’m sure about my way to harmony.

Maksim Iskorkin

Training trip? And what? I like traveling! And so I'm driving and rushing to beautiful Kamenets-Podolsky along bumpy roads in anticipation of a good adventure. And now I meet my future comrades, but I already know someone well, as I think. And it is joyful and seemingly easy, the first evening is a walk, unexpectedly wonderful weather, excitement, emotions, but somewhere in the depths there is an incomprehensible tension.


What is it, a sense of danger? Yes, this is definitely a danger! What? Why? But everything is great! In the depths, I know that this is a danger to my present self concept, my understanding of the world and people, to what is good and what is bad in my understanding. And I pass through deep inner discomfort, through anger, through sadness. I let go what was native and familiar, but I kept it within the rigid limits of perception. And I rediscover people whom I know well, I see their beauty, hidden from understanding before. I discover new beauty in my feelings, in those places that show new sides and bring new sensations. Yes, it is very beautiful! I understand that my feeling towards myself and to my friends is gaining new shades.


Cordiality? Yes! Milana, thank you for this amazing journey, it is ❤️

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