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Relax training in Georgia

"Small secrets of great luck"

May 15-21, 2018

If you want to feel yourself a wise, kind, confident and strong man — go to Georgia.

If you dream to feel what it means to be a happy woman — buy a ticket for the plane and fly to Georgia.

If you want to plunge headlong not only into the Black Sea, but also into family comfort, joy, sincere fellowship, cordiality, get acquainted with the true hospitality — visit Georgia.

If you want to change your life, get away from the boredom of habitualness. Or you want to open a new world inside yourself, unexplored, but beautiful, then come to Georgia by all means.

The land of Georgia and the people who live in this country will create a miracle with you! 

They will change your worldview and inner self-esteem. They’ll heal your past, the memory which recalls with pain in your heart. They will give you the happiness to find love in your heart, pacification in the soul, peace of mind and gratitude to the world in every cell of your human being.


What did the training in Georgia give us?

He surpassed all my expectations as the author and lead of this project.

It is impossible to enumerate and describe in words all the internal transformations that we discover in ourselves every day. 

A total update in the notions of life, family happiness, trust and love in a partnership. A coup in self-esteem, attitude and relationships with surrounding people.

To me and to all the participants of the training, Georgia presented so much that for many more years, I am sure, we will remember with affection and gratitude every day, every trip, every meeting of our "Georgian" relaxation training.

I want to return to Georgia again and again.

With all my heart, I and all participants of the training wish prosperity to this land and every family in this beautiful country!


Training reviews

Tatyana Norenko

I sincerely thank all the participants of the training, especially the author and master Milana, for the wisdom, sincerity, support, sincere warmth invested in every work!

Incredibly colorful, breathtaking nature of Georgia fascinated with its landscapes. Incendiary and rhythmic melodies — invited to dance. And hospitable and sympathetic people warmed us with their smiles. 

All this merged into the topic of the training very harmoniously and inspired to new discoveries...

You gave me Faith, gave me the feeling of hard ground under my feet, a new understanding of myself and the courage to go forward without expectations and fear, but with an open heart filled with Love!

I'm happy that I have new friends! Everything was amazing!


Darina Norenko

This was the first travel training in my life. I am happy that I visited Georgia with cool, cheerful people and amazing master Milana.

Transformations began in me before the arrival in Batumi and continue to this day. It is very interesting and unexpected to observe in me new states and reactions to people.

This training helped me get rid of generic programs that created a lot of complexes, fears and negative emotions in me.

Our meditations in the forest by the sea and on the terrace of the hotel helped me learn to understand and accept different parts of myself and close people. I know the harmony is in myself.

Incredible landscapes of hospitable Georgia, the beauty of nature, the most interesting trips and excursions left an unforgettable impression in my memory!

Lesya Arsentyeva

I am grateful to all the people who organized the training for the unforgettable journey through the fabulously beautiful and generous land of Georgia!

9 days of the training flew like an instant, leaving a lot of knowledge, discoveries, new states and feelings in me!!!

Meditative practices of self-discovery and immersion in an inexhaustible source of female nature, helped me to feel myself real!

I learned to work with those parts in myself, which I didn’t like, that created tension in the family. Now I feel like another woman. Relations with the husband, children, my mother become more sincere and warmer.

Acquaintance with hospitable and open people in Georgia every day made a revolution in my mind and the idea of family values, on friendly and partner relations.

I fell in love with this country and the memories of it will remain in my heart forever!!!

Tatyana Rubtsova

The trip to Georgia is my second travel trip with Milana. I'm fascinated by the

beauty of Georgia.

I admire national parks, hiking through the mountains, going to the mountain lake, boating in the canyon. There were underground stalactite and stalagmite caves of extraordinary beauty. We bathed in the Black Sea at dawn and we watched magical sunsets. Georgian music excited my heart. I loved generous hospitable people and unusually delicious dishes of our hostess Khatuna!

Georgia left many other unforgettable impressions in my heart as well as our relaxation training.

What did it give to me? New acquaintances, new practices that helped to understand my internal problems and solve urgent tasks. There were many discoveries, awareness, easy, cordial communication.

Again I noted for myself how Milana could choose the time, the place of training and arrange classes with trips around this beautiful land! Each day was felt like a small life. But the main thing is that the training took place in the most powerful streams of love, faith in ourselves and those who are close.

I brought with me calmness and understanding that I'm on the right path :) At home I try to look at everything with gratitude and feel the moment to understand what this situation gives me and how it is possible to do better in it for me and those who are beside. I feel more joyful, easier and calmer.

I enjoy everything I do, whether I do some housework, work or talking, traveling or just reading a book. As in the lines: "It doesn’t matter how many days are in your life, but it’s important how much life is in your days."

I thank Milana, my teacher and guide to the world of happiness, women's wisdom and light.

Thank you for your knowledge, attention and love during the training and always !!!

Анна Козьмина

The seminar in Georgia was very important for me, I didn’t even expect that this trip will change me so much :)))

First of all, I was impressed in Georgia by the extraordinary beauty of nature. We visited many beautiful places, but most of all I was impressed by the canyon of Martvili, the lake in the Mtirala National Park and Prometheus caves, in which you feel as if you have got into another dimension.

But the main thing is the practice and work on ourselves, which we conducted in very energy-intensive places. I realized for myself how important it is to practice at travel seminars. In the energetically powerful places of the planet, you can get the result much faster and it is more powerful.

I am very grateful to Milana, our Master, who was very attentive and loving to each of us. And thanks to each participant of the training, because we were like one family, supported and helped each other.

After returning home, much has changed in me, and everyone notices this. I became more calm, harmonious, began to understand people and situations more deeply, to feel something that I couldn’t feel before, my relations with my husband and children improved. And in general, relations in the family have become more cordial, even between children. Life became better financially, I changed the format of the work and now I enjoy life, get what I need and don’t bother myself with lots of work. In fact, there is change for the better in everything, but the internal state, family and finances are the most tangible.

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