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The Greek island of Mytilini

Travel Training
"Walking on the Sea"

October, 18th-25th 2018

The Greek island of Mytilini has another name, ancient and beautiful one — Lesbos. But I would call it the island of Unconditional Love.

The joy of sensual pleasures, kindness and generosity, apparently, chose this small piece of land in the Aegean Sea to be their dwelling place, so that every traveler, who happened to be on Mytilini by the will of fate, remembered why he was born on Earth...

Living on the island, even for a very short time, you inevitably become a poet and a bit of a philosopher. You draw inspiration from everything your eyes touch and feelings capture.

Turquoise sea waves, olive groves, tangerine gardens, mountains, small towns and villages, perched on rocky slopes, like weary wanderers, lead an intimate, unhurried conversation with you about the simple and eternal things.

Lesbos in autumn can be compared to a sip of pure peace, fragrant with the aroma of bliss and serene satisfaction with life that only happy lovers, filled with each other, can live.

What did the training on Mytilini give us?

Integrity — such a desirable and unknown one — is acquired by you on Mytilini unexpectedly easily. Unnoticed by the usual self-esteem, after a few days of traveling around the island you begin to feel real — fearless, sincere, friendly, generous. As if you fall into another dimension. The realization comes that genuine greatness is kept in unpretentious simplicity. And this state is available to you.

In no other place in the world have I seen men with such kind eyes, and women with such sincere smiles, as on Mytilini. Communicating with these people day by day, you observe an incomprehensible transformation in your perception of the world. The thoughts become free, the soul becomes easy.

Stocks of unspent love, tenderness, kindness, gratitude are torn out of your feelings. And you realize that there’s no ‘old you’ anymore, and the new Self is still a stranger. All that is left to do is to note with surprise and delight in yourself the states that strike you with wise calmness.
“There are no miracles,” skeptics and wiseheads will say.

But for each participant of our training, the Miracle appeared in the process of hard work with its own disbelief, self-denial, karmic fears and mental programs.

When Love becomes your chosen one, you feel that you are everything at the same time — a woman, a man, a child, a god. You are — infinity, indivisibility, integrity...

But expressways are not laid to these states and there are no guidebooks.

A month after the training on Mytilini, I see tremendous changes in the guys. In their families, in their personal and professional life.

But I understand that for many more days and weeks the energy of Mytilini’s spiritual heritage will be revealed in us, an exotic flower of incomparable beauty. And each participant of the training will recognize himself or herself anew in specific situations and events of his or her personal life.

From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful to the owners of the magnificent villa Gera's Olive Grove - Elaionas tis Geras, to all residents of Mytilini and places where destiny brought us, for hospitality and spiritual beauty, manifested in simplicity and hearty generosity.

I would like to express heartfelt thanks to TravelYourWay company and its leader Nadezhda Patukhina for their professionalism, excellent organization and support of our journey. This year it is our 4th joint project and, like others, it was top notch! And of course, many thanks to all the participants of the training. It is incredibly interesting to work with you and to have fun traveling!

Wonderful events and discoveries to you, friends! I love you with all my heart!

If you, my dear readers, one day come to Lesbos, then by all means see the wonderful cities of Eresos, Sikaminea, Mytilene. Visit the monastery of Archangel Michael in the city of Mantamados, the convent of Saints Raphael and Nicholas and the Mytilene fortress, and also those places where intuition will direct you.

Travel yourself. Travel with us!

Training reviews

Maksim Iskorkin

Two months have passed. I remember our Greek training, I start feeling the value of each place we visited, the value of our activities and spontaneous discussions. There is a lot of real things in it, these events are alive and complete. There is no feeling of burden from those difficult processes we underwent during the classes, as if they were dissolved in the blessed energy of this island.

I thank the universe and you, Milana, for this amazing gift to select regions, places of residence, travels and topics for discussion in the stream, to vary this down the line in accordance with the state and internal request of the group. I am sending gratitude and rays of joy to the Master and my beloved companions in this extraordinary adventure ❤

Natalia Buchatskaya

I’m very grateful to the organizers and all the guys for the great training. Using the example of the beautiful nature, you, Milana, have shown us that there is harmony in everything.

Both in nature and human nature, you only need to listen to yourself. And when you accept yourself as you are, it becomes easier to live.

Thank you again for meeting such a Master as you are.

Tanya Norenko

Greece! I have never been there, but I’ve dreamt about it for so long! And here is such an opportunity — the right journey for the soul, for the body, and for the mind, and most importantly in the company of cool and congenial people! Everything is great, only somewhere in the depth, under my ribs, I felt FEAR rising in me, and because of this emotion conclusions began to be drawn why it was better for me to stay at home.

I was lucky, I quickly tracked in myself what exactly dictates this line of behavior (previous trainings were not in vain!) And decided: “Hurray! I must go!”.

Greece! It was waiting for me! With the first breath of the Greek air, I felt that I had come home, everything was felt as it was my family and my loved ones, and on the island of Mytilini even the streets seemed familiar. Beauty! Lush olive groves on the slopes of the mountains due to the diluted silvery shade of foliage, give an elegant softness to the landscapes. This incredibly clean, lively sea delights with its playfulness and tenderness at the same time. The sweet sun warmed us and coddled us with its warmth...


All that surrounded us was BEAUTIFUL! But the most amazing thing is the energy of the island. It is imbued with integrity and unconditional love! And this is the miracle that poured into me, filling my soul with quiet joy and gratitude.


Milana, I thank you with all my heart, for the work that you did by organizing this training. It washed another layer of rubbish out of me. I was able to take another step into the depths, to meet my truth. I became freer, more sincere and sensual. I am happy that this challenging, but very beneficial training was held with you and our beautiful, cheerful group!


I thank all the guys for their participation, help, support and patience!


I embrace you with all my heart!!!

Lyudmila Kulbako



Golden autumn reigns in Kiev, sparkling with bright and ever divinely beautiful colors. And my soul is already somewhere in Greece, on the seashore, amidst olive trees and densely blossoming rosemary, waiting for miracles and magic.


Even at Boryspil airport, I felt that in a week, when I return, everything will change. The raging beauty of bright autumn will no longer be, just as there will be no me, the one that now enjoys the gentle autumn Kiev sun and the velvety color of falling leaves...


How did Greece meet us?

Gently, openly, with deep cordiality and quietness, as they meet their loved ones after a long separation.

Mytilini is a small paradise on earth. This is the place where love and understanding, pleasure and delight, quiet joy and peace of mind live.

It’s difficult to remember everything that happened to me during these seven days.

Only the magic of the island remains in my memory — the warm sea, the gentle sun, friendly inhabitants, sunny villages and cities, cozy cafes on the coast, the beauty of the mountains, juicy persimmon on trees, orchards of mandarins and lemons, olive plantations and blooming soft pink rosemary.

Every day, enjoying this beauty, I caught new notes in myself, me who became different. Day after day, a new picture of the feeling of myself and the people around me was forming, the simplicity and beauty of human happiness was revealed.

Yes, there were moments when it was difficult and really complicated for my ideas and beliefs, about how I should behave and how others should behave. What is right and what is unacceptable in this life.

I saw how all my beliefs and attitudes were shattered: I used to think that everything in life is difficult and complicated.  It’s not easy to be happy, you need to work hard and try hard. That simply enjoying life and rejoicing every moment is interfered with generic programs and your karmic past.

Here I understood only one thing. The only thing that prevents us from being happy is our mind, disbelief in ourselves and our strength, the power of Spirit and Will.

Now, every day I discover in myself something new and interesting, something that I hadn’t noticed before and didn’t appreciate. I began to see and admire the simple beauty of every moment of life. And the most important thing is the feeling of the taste of life, amazing, refined, delightful...

Thank you, Milana, for the great warmth that you give to everyone who comes into your life.

I thank all the guys for the excellent company, friendly support and great love for each other.

And be sure to see you soon.

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