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"Outspoken Innermost"


March 23 - 31, 2019

It is no secret that the most necessary and important things come into our lives unexpectedly. Most often, when we don’t expect for it.

What should be done or what should not be undertaken so that life does not become a series of painful expectations and disappointments?

Sages answer this question like this: “Live! Be honest with yourself, free from belief and prejudice, from comparisons and denials.”

We will learn this art at a training in Tunisia.

This journey will be transformational for:

— people who are willing to sacrifice habits and egoism for the sake of love, spiritual freedom and personal success.

— men and women who seek to find lost happiness in their family and are ready to create comfortable living conditions for it.

— all those who seek harmony with themselves and in partnership.

— people who know they deserve more, but not decisive enough to have this significant value.

— and, of course, for everyone who is open to the new and the unexpected, who loves cheerful friendly company, cordial communication and travel.

The training will be held in Tunisia

From March 23rd to March 31st, 2019

The cost of the training includes:

  1. Flight: 230-290 euros. Training participants buy their plane tickets on their own. 

  2. The cost of a visa is $ 35.
    You can check the information about visa in Tunisia, the flight and the time of departure and arrival with the organizer of the training Milana Predrikhovskaya on tel. +38 067 507 21 03.

  3. The cost of the training is 270 euros. Payment on the spot. 

  4. The cost of accommodation, food and transfer: 390 euros.

Please pay this amount by March 3rd, by transfer to a banking card or in person.

What you need to be ready for:

  • To various discomfort states — physical and emotional. Before, after and during the trip. In such cases, please ask for help: +38 067 507 21 03
    Milana Predrikhovskaya, the organizer and the presenter of the training.

  • To vegetarian food during the whole training, a week before it and a week after returning home.

  • Forget about the Internet, family problems, business negotiations, active communication with family and friends on the phone and in social networks for 9 days.

  • Tours in Tunisia may require additional charges.

Take with you:

  • desired dreams and goals

  • sense of humor and tolerance

  • comfortable clothes and walking shoes

  • bathing accessories, beach towel, sunscreen cream

  • yoga mat or roll mat

  • international passport

  • the amount of 150 euros or more for unforeseen expenses and gifts to yourself and your family :)

For all organizational matters,
call +38 067 507 21 03 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram)

or email milana@priya.com.ua


Training organizers and owners of the villa will try to make your holiday in Tunisia interesting,

comfortable and useful for the soul, mind and body.

In the program of conscious travel the following things will be harmoniously combined:

  1. Meditation connections with the spiritual heritage of Tunisia.

  2. Practices of sincere communication with yourself, who you love and who you dislike.

  3. Frank talks about pleasant and impartial things inside us.

  4. Individual transformational sessions on healing of karmic, tribal and personal mental-emotional programs.

  5. The practice of deep liberation — allowing yourself to desire and accept what you want with dignity.

  6. The definition of your purpose in the family and society.

  7. Meditation by the sea at sunrise or sunset.

  8. Travels to places of power and to historical and cultural reserves.

  9. Sea and sun baths (for the brave ones).

  10. Ease of communication, laughter, tomfoolery in a friendly circle of like-minded people.

Being born on Earth, each person receives from the Universe a package of personal and spiritual tasks, which he must conscientiously perform, if he does not want his life to become a boring and meaningless event.

The Divine Universe allocates for the solution of these tasks a sufficient amount of energy, providing us with everything necessary. It sends us the aid of an army of support of invisible beings, called Angels by us or Spiritual Guides. And it also weaves our fate with the fate of people, communication with which can heal our egoism, inferiority complexes, fears. But are we always ready to admit a spiritual mentor and healer of heart closeness in an annoying employee, an unfaithful partner, an alcoholic father or a hysterical sister?

And yet... In life there are no random events and meetings. If we realize this, then our every day turns into a small unique love story.

— Who are we — people?

— What is our strength?

— How to create a happy family?

— Why does material and spiritual well-being pursue those who know how to love themselves and be faithful to their partner?

— How to go beyond the limits to become free and happy, learn to give happiness to others?

We will find answers to these and other questions inside us on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in spring Tunisia.

Let's open the season of sunny mood in a warm, hospitable Tunisia.

Let all your dreams come true!


Looking forward to meeting you! 

With love, Milana 

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