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About the studio

Greetings to you, friends! My name is Milana.

I am an esoteric psychologist by vocation and a researcher of the laws of happiness in the heart :)

During 18 years I have been practicing spiritual and psychological methods of self-improvement and personal development. I am the Master Teacher of Reiki. I practice the love for life and yoga. I study the sacred nature of female and male power.

Ukraine, Russia, Spain, Egypt, Germany, Lithuania, France, Italy, Sri Lanka — this is a partial list of countries that gave me unforgettable impressions of traveling, seminars and trainings.

The accumulated experience and the need to share knowledge inspired me to open a studio for personal and spiritual development.

For today in our studio Priya there are different directions of psychological help and spiritual improvement.

We offer each person an individual program for the solution of this or that task, which life sets for him. We are all different, that's why we need to look for answers to questions not conventionally.

The main directions of our activity:

  • Multi-level system of spiritual self-knowledge and human perfection Reiki

  • Family and systemic constellations based on the method of a German psychologist and psychotherapist Bert Hellinger

  • Psychological counseling and psychoenergetic correction sessions

  • Practices of liberation and cognition of the sacral feminine and masculine nature.

  • Transformational travel trainings.

I also provide individual counseling in matters of self-fulfillment, family and business relationships for clients from around the world.

If you want to learn more about the work of the studio, I invite you to our site in the section "About the studio".

Why I started to create such projects

as travel trainings?

Because when going beyond the boundaries of the familiar and comfortable area, we become attractive for Luck and Love. Visiting other continents and countries, we expand our perception of the world. We discover new opportunities for ourselves. We let more things in our life than we already know, more than we know how and more than we have.

Five years ago I went on my first conscious journey. A few months later, on my return, I discovered tremendous transformations in my self-awareness and in all spheres of my life.

Later there were other trips around the world, the time and place for which I chose intuitively. For a few years I became a completely different woman. I’ve gained so much knowledge and abilities that there was a great desire to invite other people into my transformational journeys.


I wanted to share all the acquisitions sincerely and generously with the world.

Once I realized: if you want fulfillment of wishes and renewal, listen to the clues of the life. It knows all your needs. And at the right time you will be sent to the right place to leave everything old there and find what you dream about.

On the Earth, as well as inside each person, there is much unexplored beauty that patiently awaits disclosure,

attention and admiration.


Travel-trainings are created by me for all who aspire to changes and do not stop there.

What does it mean — to live in the spirit of the new time easily,

freely and successfully.

How to learn to feel, understand yourself and other people. To be able to genuinely love and be loved. To feel the needs and tasks of the modern world.


These are the basic subjects of my seminars and trainings

Choosing a place for training

Every corner of the Earth has its own special character, unique properties and energy features.

And each of our training requires its "right" place. Primary changes take place at the level of consciousness and habits of a person. And only after a while they "materialize" in the desired events and personal successes.

It is very important that the energies of space help each participant of the training to pass all the necessary transformation processes gently and ecologically. And they create a comfortable environment for recreation and communication.

When the task of training is formed, intuition and other my abilities find a place on our beautiful planet, which possesses the necessary energy information qualities for the most productive work.

How is the search carried out? It is difficult to explain in words. But all those who are engaged in the practice of spiritual perfection, understand the essence of the process of scanning the space. For me, this is a simple and quite interesting work.

If you want more for yourself in life and are ready for change, if you want to learn how to make correct decisions without fail, if you feel the need for new knowledge and discoveries.

If you felt the impulse to share your charisma with people like you, charismatic personalities, then go ahead! :)

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