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Mytilini Island, Greece

Training journey

"Walking on the sea"

October, 18 – 25th 

In the program of this conscious journey, these will be harmoniously united:

  1.  Practices of self-knowing, physical and emotional emancipation.

  2.  Individual transformation sessions on healing of karmic, patrimonial and personal mental programs.

  3.  Practice of disclosing natural sensuality and sensory abilities.

  4.  Works to connect with the potential of male and female nature.

  5.  Meditation by the sea at sunrise and sunset.

  6.  Travelling around the island.

  7.  Visiting historical and cultural reserves.

  8.  Getting all possible Spa-pleasures provided by the nature of the island.

  9.  Sincerity, laughter, humor and ease of communication for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  10.  Pleasant surprises — available.

I am happy to present to you, my friends, a new transformation training.


It is dedicated to people with an inborn or acquired sense of humor and stalwart optimism :)


I invite to this conscious journey courageous men and women who love life.


Couples and lovers, for whom love is grateful, but laborious work. And also all those who are determined to part with comfortable or oppressive loneliness in order to open a new state in them — it’s an unconditional trust in the partnership.

This training for all who dare to afford:

Happy family life


Self-esteem and dignity

Business and financial success

And may the spirit of the island of saints and poets — Mytilini — help us in this!

Remember, friends, that the most profound and vivid changes occur in hardworking life researchers who allow themselves to relax and make fun!

The spirit of modern times doesn’t welcome tediousness. It doesn’t issue patents for solidity and seriousness either.

We’ve already been living for several years in the reality, which didn’t exist on the planet Earth before.

It's time to discover the laws of the new time and the mechanisms of influence of our intentions, desires, thoughts on life events.

The training will be held in Greece on the island of Mytilini

18 – 25th October 2018

The cost of the training includes:

  1. Flight: 315 euro. Tickets for flight are purchased by the participants of the training independently. Information about the flight and the time of departure from Kiev you can check with the organizers:
    +38 067 507-21-03.

  2. The cost of accommodation in the villa, transfer, three vegetarian meals a day for 1 person when staying in the room
    multiple occupancy (three persons) — 455 euros
    double occupancy — 485 euros
    single occupancy — 580 euros
    The participants of the seminar should transfer this amount to the organizers before September 26.

  3. The cost of the training: 270 euros. Payment — when you get there.

The organizers of the training and the owners of the villa will try to make your rest pleasant, interesting, useful and comfortable for the soul and body.

What you need to be ready for:

  • Emotional excitability, unreasonable anxieties, fears, physical ailments before the training and in the first days of training. To facilitate and understand the cause of the discomfort, please contact me for help +38 067 507 21 03 Milana Predrihovskaya, organizer and host of the training.

  • Vegetarian meals throughout the training, one week before and one week after returning home.

  • Forget for 8 days about family problems, business negotiations, active communication with family and friends on the phone and in social networks.

  • Excursions around the island may require additional payment.

Take with you:

  • self-confidence

  • patience and kindness towards others

  • carelessness

  • comfortable clothes and walking shoes

  • bathing accessories, beach towel

  • mat for yoga or a karrimat

  • biometric international passport or ordinary international passport with an open Schengen visa

  • the amount from 150 euros and more for unforeseen expenses and gifts to yourself and your loved ones :)

For all organizational matters, please call +38 067 507 21 03

(Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram) or write to the mail milana@priya.com.ua

About the place of the training

Why did the idea come to me to organize a trip-training in October on the island of Mytilini?

Firstly, in the middle of October it is still sunny, warm and green there. You can swim in the warm Aegean Sea, sunbathe, and travel not in winter jackets, but in summer dresses and shorts :)

Secondly, the middle of October this year is the time of total renewal in all spheres of life. This is the start time.

If the summer period with the corridor of eclipses helped us to get rid of unconscious generic and personal complexes in order to feel freer and more confident, then October is a springboard. Allow yourself to become a winner, the owner of those cherished things that your soul asks.

Thirdly, the nature of Mytilini is kind-hearted, hospitable and generous. The spirit of freedom and unconditional love lives there. Sensuality, creative genius, earthly wisdom and unrestrained passion for life are all in it.

The nature of the island, combined with healing springs, even during the Roman rule, attracted the high and mighties of this world for restoration. Mytilini has always been a resort. Knowledge of the miraculous properties of this land didn’t reach contemporaries. But our intuition doesn’t fail :)

This island keeps the spiritual heritage counted in millions of years. By exploring it you will certainly change your usual worldviews, life values and perception of yourself. You will discover another reality in you and discover its manifestations in the external world.

Each participant of the training will have his own miraculous transformations, which are incredibly beautiful and deep. You just need to have patience and let them open up in their time.

Be ready for the gifts of fate!

Autumn is a great time for a wonderful holiday and work on revealing the potential

of your unique abilities.

I’m looking forward to meeting you to walk on the sea in a good company! :)


With love, Milana.

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